“We have to stop the blood flow. We have to be relentless in our pursuit for justice; in our pursuit for humanity. Nature is the mother of us all, and within all of us is the spirit of an eco-warrior. The war on poaching is a war on greed, but what stands to be lost is priceless.”

—Jamie Joseph, Wildlife Anthropologist and founder of Saving The Wild .

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Every 15 minutes, one Elephant is slaughtered



The State of the Poaching Crisis

For far too long, the Asian Ivory trade has thrived alongside some of the world’s deadliest criminal operations, including the drug, weapon and human tracking industries. Today, we have the data to prove that this global crisis has taken the lives of over 100,000 elephants in just three years, with some areas of Africa seeing a 64% loss in their elephant population, according to Landmark’s recent analysis.

From 1990 to the present, we have had a 99% loss of Africa’s Black Rhino. This highly organized crime industry will take any measures necessary to harvest ivory, heartlessly gunning down these animals and savagely taking the ivory and keratin from their dying bodies. While some countries with historic involvement in the ivory trade have established new commitments to ban the industry, countless efforts to weaken the poaching epidemic have been, for the most part, unsuccessful. At the current rate, rhinos and elephants could be gone from the wild within the next fifteen years.