The Silent War

Soldiers For Wildlife presents our project in Southern Africa and our mission to help save these threatened species from extinction.

Offering a brief glimpse into the life of African conservation on the front lines and our mission to create change. Our initiative involves a multi-step process: purchasing vast wilderness areas to ensure their ability to thrive, creating elite anti-poaching units, conservation through education courses for both locals and foreigners, and assisting in uplifting local communities that surround our wilderness areas.

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Disclaimer: This video contains graphic content that may be upsetting to some.

SFW:Zambian Campaign


The beginning of our Zambian Chapter. Our first rangers will be deployed by SFW under oversight of legendary SAS special forces Rhodesian soldier and bushcraft expert, Darrell Watt. Darrell in his past 18 years, dedicated to conservation has been responsible for the arrests of over 1,800 poachers ensuring wildlife under his watch, always has a safe home. We hope this year to double our number of rangers and within the next few months, have each member with proper uniforms and gear to be as affective as possible. This land we are looking after has been hit hard by poaching, but soon enough, when they begin to see we are not here to harm them, their behavior will dramatically change and populations will multiply - Darrell. We are here to protect wildlife and ensure there is a safe future for these animals we share our planet with. Let our journey begin.



Anti-Poaching Course.jpg

FIELD raining OPPORTUNITY and wild life courses

Soon SFW will have a program for anyone interested in getting hands on anti-poaching/bush experience. An opportunity to get on the front lines and live the life of a ranger. This program will be led by an ex special forces soldier and icon in conservation world; Les Brett. He is the owner and  founder of  the Dung Beetle Bush School, and has recently teamed up with Soldiers For Wildlife to help provide training courses for anyone interested in the ecology and conservation efforts required to be an anti-poaching ranger.


One of our main goals is education, so we are excited to launch this new program. We invite all who wish to help a chance to get out here. It won’t be near the experience of an ordinary safari, instead you will be on foot in the African bush. The experience will be one you will never forget.

Aside from being a specialist field operations, Les is also a licensed Ecological Ranger and Field Outfitter. The specialist training involved is conducted with over 40 years of knowledge and experience in African countries; such as Angola, Botswana, Lesotho, Mozambique, Namibia, South Africa, Swaziland, Zambia and Zimbabwe. A corporate member of the field Guides Association of Southern Africa And Professional Hunter's Association, Les has achieve the coveted Level 3 Field Guide qualification. 

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Reconnecting with 3 Elephant Orphans & their adoptive mother

This story of success unfolded almost a year and a half ago when we got to reintroduce these 3 orphans, all from different herds, to their new foster mother. Rehabilitation was a 24/7 hour job before the introduction, but to this day, all are very happy and healthy elephants. Just how we like them.

-John Garcia

President of Soldiers For Wildlife