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Our Ranger Team Has Grown

Updated: May 24, 2022

New Rangers & New Trainer
Four new Rangers and a Trainer have been added to the team

Friends and Supporters,

With your love and support, we have been able to equip, fund, and train 4 new rangers this fall! With the poaching on Darrel's property this past summer, the intensity has ramped up more than ever. So much so, that United States Marine Veteran Brandon Donnelly volunteered his summer and fall to come out to Zambia to help train and enable our team!

After working with different anti-poaching teams post retirement, he eagerly reached out; adamant that he could help us make an impact. As soon as he hit the Zambian planes he began helping John train, and enable our rangers. He has taught our rangers everything from weapons safety on a rifle, to tracking busch craft and actually going out on patrols with the team. His readiness has been all the motivation our team has needed to do their absolute best. By assisting John in the rangers ambush training, and teaching them how to react to injured rangers under fire on a battle field, he has been an honor to have on team. Helping our rangers be safe in the efforts is of the ultimate importance because their job is


We ask anyone and everyone, if you have the means to help please log onto our webpage at and become a monthly RANGER SPONSOR with whatever amount you can afford.  With that money, we will be securing our rangers salaries, training, gear, and equipment necessary to properly combat this issue.

We are attempting to cover an area of 9,880 acres of land with ONLY TEN men, due to funding restrictions.

And we need YOUR HELP to better protect it. If you are able to give, please consider being the reason we get another ranger on the ground.

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