Need to Know About Vultures

Vultures do not receive the same level of global attention as Africa's Big Five, and are often portrayed in popular culture as evil, malevolent creatures. But real life isn't like the movies. Vultures are intelligent animals who play an. instrumental role in maintaining a healthy ecosystem. Can you donate today to help us in our mission to safeguard the iconic?


Vultures act as the savannah's garbage disposal, clearing carcasses that would otherwise fester and rot.Thanks to their extremely strong stomach acids, the bird can digest and recycle diseased biological material without any harm to themselves. This means that vultures can halt the spread of diseases like rabies and tuberculosis directly at their source. As we have seen in the time of COVID-19, stopping viruses is of huge importance. Contribute to help us protect vultures and halt the spread of deadly diseases in southern Africa.

However....Africa's vulture population is undert tremendous threat. Inthe past three gnerations, the number of vultures on the continent has dropped by 80%. A majaor reason for this decline is poining. Farmers will lace carcasses they findo ntheir land with deadly posins in order to keep large carinovres away, which then leads to the death of many vultures that feed on the rmains. Some poachers will intentionally posin the carcasses of animals they kill - circling vultures can be a clear sign to rangers tht a protected animals has been slain.

If we don't act soon, Africa's vultures will become extinct, throwing our ecosystem into chaos. Thats why we need you to donate today to help us prevent such an environmental catasrophe by protecting vultues.

Every minute counts to save a life!

Cheers to a year of saving lives, and protecting nature, as Soldiers For Wildlife!


Michael Terrell

Digital Director

Soldiers For Wildlife

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