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Updated: Jul 28

Rhinos are a staple of any zoo or safari adventure thanks to their fascinating appearance and kind nature. That notoriety has led many, including Soldiers for Wildlife, to come together to fight against rhinoceros poachers - trained killers who are ruthlessly culling the world's white and black rhino populations in their endless pursuit of the animals' ivory. Can you donate today to help

us in our mission to safeguard the iconic?

No one in the world needs a rhino horn, except for a rhino!

But protecting rhinos would be worthwhile even without their celebrity status, as the animals have a tremendously positive impact on the environment around them. For example, rhinos help to create sustainable watering holes across the savannah by wallowing in and expanding mud pits. This geo-forming ensures that other animals, from the rest of Africa's Big 5 to the rodents running beneath

their feet, have sustainable across to water across their habitats. Water is essential for all life. Your contribution will not only help us save the rhinos, but secure access to drinking water for countless species.

Rhinos also operate as living lawn mowers, consuming upwards of 50kg of vegetation per day. The massive feeding creates space for areas of shorter vegetation, such as carrot seed grass to grow. in turn, these new habitats are suitable for wildebeests, and birds like longclaws and larks - these species would not be able to flourish in the wooded or long-grass ecosystems that existed before being cleared out by rhino. These cleared areas can also offer refuge for all animals in the ecosystem, from veld fires that will periodically erupt. If supporters like you can help support is in our efforts to defend rhinos in the South African region, the entire landscape of southern Africa can radically change.

Every minute counts to save a life!

Cheers to a year of saving lives, and protecting nature, as Soldiers For Wildlife!


Michael Terrell

Digital Director

Soldiers For Wildlife

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