Soldiers For Wildlife is dedicated to the conservation of Africa's most iconic species, and to directing action against those determined to drive them to extinction.


Conservation begins by empowering our wildlife scouts

Soldiers For Wildlife's current mission is assisting one of the most successful anti-poaching efforts in Southern Africa in a very remote part of the Zimbabwe bush.  

The Special Species Protection Unit looks over a vast land of 1,000+ square miles, on the broader lands of the SAVE conservancy. The SSPU works independently of the conservancy, protecting a portion of the land and animals on it. 

This team was given the task of looking after over 120 black rhino and over 30 white rhinos occupying the land, that had to be moved to this part of the country due to the accelerated poaching as the years have pressed on. In 2012, when this team first began its mission, they were covering this large piece of land with only 4 men, and getting poaching incidents on average about once a week. 

Highly trained and dangerous criminal syndicates were infiltrating their land to murder these animals for their highly valuable horns, from a primarily Asian black market. These animals are truly on the brink of extinction but it’s teams like ours that are giving them hope.

Since the birth of this team until now, they have tracked and caught some of the most wanted crime syndicates in the country. So far in 2018, we have one of the highest positive growth rates of our rhino in Southern Africa, and have not had a poaching incident thus far. 

We have seen nothing but resilience and dedication to the cause from this team, and this is what we are looking for. Teams with proper leadership, the right security model, and the right tools is the answer to the survival of our animals. In the years to come, through our generous donors,  we hope to grow and spread into other parks across the country to ensure a future for our endangered wildlife. 

The way we see it; we can either come together and protect them, or do nothing, and watch them disappear forever.