Soldiers For Wildlife is dedicated to the conservation of Africa's most threatened species, and to directing action against those determined to drive them to extinction.


Conservation begins by empowering our wildlife scouts WITH THE RESOURCES THEY NEED.

Soldiers For Wildlife was founded to combat a crisis that continues to threaten African wildlife, and will ultimately lead us to a world of more violence, a critical lack of resources, and the extinction of Africa’s most iconic species. That’s why we see it as our responsibility to take a stand, and act.

Currently, our organization’s objectives are based in providing support and key resources to a handful of anti-poaching and conservation groups that focus on the sustainability of African wildlife, as well as the communities that surround it. These groups are based in Zambia and South Africa, where the majority of our work happens, and where we work to assist their Wildlife Rangers by helping to provide the resources, tools and training they need to combat poaching.

Today, the enemies we are up against are highly trained, dangerous, and often times, desperate; and they continue to infiltrate vulnerable lands, killing both rhinos and elephants for their valuable horns and tusks. These animals are on the true brink of extinction, but it is teams like ours, and teams like those that we support in southern Africa, who are doing everything in our power to give them hope for survival.

Teams with proper leadership, the right security model, and the right tools is the answer to the survival of our animals. In the years to come, through our generous donors,  we hope to not only grow and spread into other parks across the country, but to also raise enough support to make our own purchases of African land. Which will ensure protection, and a viable future for our endangered wildlife. This land will be used to bring in rangers and volunteers to help care for animals protected on the reserve as well train on ranger best practices, as well as counter poaching tactics. This is our dream and it is a dream we KNOW will directly impact the poaching crisis.

The way we see it; we can either come together and protect them, or do nothing, and watch them disappear forever.