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John Garcia

Founder & CEO

Throughout his whole life, John has taken a very keen interest in wildlife, his favorite books being his grandmother’s collectable national geographic books that she used to give him as a child. Growing up, John was an athlete, but his love for wildlife never left him. A family trip to Africa in the summer of 2012 was enough to change his life entirely. John was blessed with having the privilege to Safari in a few countries in East Africa, and see the most iconic wildlife the planet has to offer. But the beauty of his surroundings wasn’t the only thing John was being educated on. He also learned the atrocities that plagued the African continent. After his trip and learning of the problems of the ivory trade, poaching, canned hunting and human-wildlife conflict, it impacted him to such a degree that John decided he couldn’t leave it behind. After finishing his college degree and serving in the Military, John is here now to follow through with what he promised himself. In July of 2017, John founded Soldiers for Wildlife, a nonprofit organization dedicated to protecting Africa’s most iconic species. He will spend the rest of his life in conservation, ensuring a future for these animals that deserve to be here as much as we, as humans, do. In turn, he wishes to educate others on the importance and beauty of the wild, as well as bring justice to those who are determined to destroy it.


Sara Pollack

Head of Marketing

Sara has been passionate about animals for her entire life, growing up as an equestrian and taking care of many horses of her own over the years. She is now an accomplished Marketing professional, and has devoted her passion and drive to a cause she holds dear to her heart: creating a world where humans and animals can co-exist in mutual respect and harmony. Sara joined Soldiers for Wildlife at its founding in July 2017, and has worked to share SFW's critical message with passionate followers and audiences in the conservation community. Like John, Sara wishes to educate others about the realities of poaching in Africa, and empower people to take action in order to truly make a difference.