South Luangwa Ranger Support Initiative:

For 2019, our immediate focus will be on providing aid to a conservancy in Eastern Zambia, known as South Luangwa. This extraordinary park, like most others, has been plagued by the poaching epidemic and the ever-increase in demand for ivory. That is why for this upcoming year, we are asking for your help in supporting the conservation efforts on the ground in Zambia.

Rachel McRobb, CEO of the conservancy ‘Conservation South Luangwa’ and winner of the prestigious Tusk Conservation Award , has been running conservation efforts in the park since 2003. Her undying passion for Africa’s wilderness, and this park in particular, is one of the main reasons many species can still call it home. Nevertheless, the challenge of poaching has only increased, and the need for more support has dramatically risen. Conservation South Luangwa, or CSL, employs 60 scouts, and Soldiers For Wildlife, with your support, would like to aid them and their rangers as a New Year’s gift. ALL donations will go towards providing rangers with the proper gear and equipment needed to be successful in their mission to keep our animals safe. These men and women are silent heroes that risk their lives every day not looking for reward. They only seek to protect the last of these animals and their rights to exist.


Let 2019 be the year we ALL come together and fight back for our animals. If we don’t start this now, the next generation born into the world today will know a world without Elephants and Rhinos. This is why we are dedicated to combating the senseless slaughter of these animals through aggressive conservation efforts and education. There are a few elements that make these efforts extremely challenging on the ground, but with more support, we are confident that our work will make it increasingly difficult for poachers to succeed.

Wildlife Rangers are the last lines of defense for these animals, and the least we can do is support them here from home during the holiday season and New Year. PLEASE SHARE this page with your friends, families and contacts, as every dollar received goes towards saving the lives of these animals and keeping our rangers safe.


  • Uniforms

  • Backpack/Hydration Kit

  • Boots + Rain Boots

  • Sleeping Mat/Sleeping bag

  • Chest Webbing

  • Tactile Field Training


  • Binoculars (Military Grade) $600 or (Standard) $200

  • GPS $300

  • Cyber trackers $350

    Just today, 96 elephants will be murdered and their orphans left behind. You can make a difference.