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-Art With Heart-

Speed Art Fundraiser



Just one donation to Soldiers For wildlife will put you in the running to own an original Amy Burkman Artwork

How do I win an original piece of art? 

Throughout the 15 minute live streamed event and for 48 hours afterwards, you can make a secure, online donation to Soldiers For Wildlife. Anyone who donates can win!

  • First Prize: The person who makes the largest donation will win the speed painting performed LIVE during the show. (30”x 40” stretched canvas)

  • Second Prize: The next 4 highest donors win a limited edition, fine art print of the speed painting (12”x16” print).

  • Third Prize: Everyone who donates, no matter what amount, is entered for a chance to win a limited edition, fine art print of the speed painting. (12”x16” print) (12”x16” print).

  • Bonus Prize: Everyone who donates $25+ wins a high resolution digital print of the speed painting.

AB - Tiger.JPG
Original Art work

How does this help Rhinos & Elephants?

Glad you asked!  This LIVE ART Performance is free, but it’s also an opportunity to help us secure the future for Critically Endangered species, because if you love the art you’ve watched Amy bring to life you can make a donation.

The proceeds will go straight to Soldiers For Wildlife's work to save African wildlife from extinction and every donation will put you in the running to own an original Amy Burkman artwork!


Your chance to win Amy's is open May 24 @ 7pm ET through May 26 @ 11:59pm ET.

Wild life 

By committing to a monthly donation, you are directly sponsoring and equipping one ranger on the ground.

Learn more >

Donations Open May 24th at 7pm ET


Amy is an artist, entertainer, activist and speaker. For the past decade, she’s traveled the world entertaining audiences with her electric live painting. Her story of surviving cancer and her passion for helping others fuels her creativity and inspires audiences everywhere. She’s raised over $1 million dollars for charities including animal rescue groups, cancer research, children’s hospitals and many others. To learn more, follow Amy on Instagram @AmyBurkmanArt or visit

From 1990-present, we've had a 99% loss of Africa’s Black Rhino.

This highly organized crime industry will take any measures necessary to harvest ivory, gunning down these animals and savagely taking the ivory and keratin from their dying bodies.


While some countries with historic involvement in the ivory trade have established new commitments to ban the industry, countless efforts to weaken the poaching epidemic have been, for the most part, unsuccessful. 

Anti-Poaching. PRESERVation. EDUCATion.

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