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Anti-Poaching. Community Empowerment. Education

Game Ranger/game scout teams that are thoroughly trained and educated with access to the proper resources, adequate funding, equipment, and leadership is what will drive the success on the ground. There are many areas in which each game ranger/game scout must master to become successful as a unit. The skill set-sets our team brings to the table enable us to train our units at a high level in these areas we deem essential.


Community empowerment is one of our key elements of this project. SFW believes it is just as important to support the human beings that live among the wildlife as it is to support the well-being and future of the wilderness. Soldiers for Wildlife has a very strict policy on whom it chooses to employ for jobs on the ground in Africa. If SFW is located in a given area, that area is where we will find and train our employees. Each year, we will also commit to one, or various projects (depending on budget) in the local community to provide basic infrastructure, healthcare, alternatives to poaching to provide food/financial income and access to the proper tools they need to create a better life for their people. Our goal is to create micro level economic success through for these communities centered around the protection of their heritage. This is the way forward.  


Education is the cornerstone for positive change and turning the tide for our natural world. Education begins on the ground with our our employees for SFW and spreads into local communities, to social media and online discussions with groups, university students and boyscouts of America. 



Quote: “ In the end, we will conserve only what we love. We will love only what we understand. We will understand only what we are taught.” - Baba Dioum

We thoroughly believe that as an organization driven to create significant positive change on both a local level, all the way up to governments, if one of these elements is overlooked or excluded, one will not be fully effective. The illegal wildlife industry and poaching is not a simple task to combat. It is very deep and therefore requires fighting it on a number of fronts and through a variety of strategies. We believe the term ‘anti-poaching’ does not just mean boots on the ground. When we discuss anti-poaching, it is inclusive of everything we do to combat this issue including boots on the ground, community empowerment, and education. This problem will only be solved when the right organizations, governments, people come together for the common good and fight this from the ground up, and those responsible are held accountable. These entities must be driven to create positive change and the world needs to understand just how serious of an issue we are up against. By simply sitting by and allowing our natural world to crumble, not only is an embarrassment for us as a species and not living up to the responsibility to look after those we share this planet with, but we are also ultimately destroying ourselves. We are in an extremely unique time in history allowing our natural world to fall apart due to simply greed,  lack of education and a lack of will because in the West, our lives have become too convenient to care about anything that does not affect us directly.  However, we have the power to change this trend for the good of the future of our natural world and our children. It is time to come together. Everyone is tired of hearing “we just do this NOW’. However, we challenge you to educate yourself on this crisis at hand and you can decide if we are exaggerating.